Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a super-powered natural oxygenation that catalyzes physiological self-healing processes. It regenerates and strengthens our immune system, energy production systems, cognitive and memory systems¸ and all primary cellular processes necessary for our health.

Ozone is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic that detoxifies, repairs and fuels our body to rapidly heal by stimulating, nourishing and balancing our cells at their most primary level of functioning.

“I had back to back viruses, then came down with walking pneumonia. After working with Polla for 2 months, my pneumonia was gone, I returned to work and haven’t been sick for 6 months now”
–Micki Olegard

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy opens, oxygenates, detoxes, de-plaques and cleans our entire
cardiovascular system, as well as our organs, tissues, plasma and cells—all the while it boosts our
immune system and increases our bodies ability to uptake and utilize oxygen. It results in a super
natural high and unprecedented increases in our Vo2 max (the #1 sign of health).

“After one extended session with, Polla, I felt a 100% better. I have COPD and am now working with Polla and on my way to ditching my supplemental oxygen machine and getting my life back”
--Lisa Smith (84 years old)

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy helps you to resolve trauma, repair relationships and regenerate your nervous
system. Learn life-changing, self-empowering, practical skills. Grow your capacities for self-tracking
your innate, subconscious, automatic, self-regulation responses. Learn to recognize, resource,
reframe and rewire your hardwired and preprogrammed body responses. Transform fear into
freedom, and anxiety and depression into new empowered capabilities. Results in higher levels of
resiliency, heart-brain coherency, and love, happiness and joy!

“Polla is a highly skilled and compassionate somatic therapist who creates a safe and trusting environment and aids clients in both connecting with trauma and emotional conflicts and accessing their innate capacity for insight, wisdom, and self-healing. I heartily recommend her. She will help you change your life.”
--JR, Psychotherapist, New York

WARNING! These 3 highly synergistic therapies combined can result in
unprecedented self-healing, self-empowerment and spontaneous remissions.

Home Ozone Therapy Classes

If you are considering starting Ozone Therapy treatments at home then this class is perfect for you! In this super value-packed experiential hands on learning class you will learn all the basics of Home Ozone Therapy, while receiving more value in Ozone Therapy applications then you will pay for the whole class.