Oxygen Therapy

90% of all our nutrients come from oxygen
only 10% come from water & food

Oxygen is the most preventative and curative substance on earth, 

because it is the basis of life.”


--Mark Squibb

Inventor of the LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™ Oxygen Therapy System


LiveO2™ Adaptive Contrast
Oxygen Training

Maximum Lifetime Oxygenation Experience!

When you do a session on the Liveo2 AC™ system you effectively flood the nooks and crannies of your vascular system with oxygen causing your cells to get the energy they need to dump their garbage—which includes toxins and excess fluids. This sets off a cascade of physiological self-healing

How it works?

The Liveo2 AC™ system restores and maximizes oxygen delivery & utilization efficiency through exercising & breathing a patented mix of alternating high & low levels of oxygen--which naturally stimulates our bodies self-healing response—resulting in multiple health benefits.

*No matter your level of fitness, as long as you can move your arms you can do this!
Custom Oxygen Workouts

Each Oxygen Therapy session is unique!

First we track and follow the wisdom of your body, then call forward and listen to your innate self-healing systems to help guide your session.

Depending on your health conditions and goals, I work with you to custom design and facilitate customized protocols, which target high and low levels of oxygen flow to specific organs, tissues, and body systems--while empowering the overall achievement of your desired results.

There are also various strategic protocols you can follow and or interweave into your custom workouts.

 Strategic Self-Healing Protocols
  • Whole Body Flush®

  • Brain O2®

  • Fire Detox & Respiratory Recovery

  • Dance Fitness Therapy

Each protocol is specifically designed to help you to address your particular conditions, goals and needs.

Whole Body Flush® Protocol

This protocol was developed by, Mark Squibb, the inventor of the Liveo2 AC™ system and his team. It
facilitates overall general health by super-saturating all body tissues, plasma and lymph with very

high levels of oxygen. Oxygenates all major organ systems, stimulating a cascade of self-healing responses. Most users experience maximum lifetime oxygenation.


We recommend to start with Whole Body Flush (WBF). Depending on your initial conditioning, we
may recommend that you do at least 3 WBF’s before changing to protocols that create higher levels
oxygen saturation, detoxification, and that address your specific self-healing goals.
What most users consciously notice (this list does not include a wide variety of specific subconscious
autonomic nervous system and physiological benefits):


  • Improved sense of well-being

  • Feeling calmer

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Mild-moderate neurological improvement

  • Noticeable improvement in most symptoms relating to systemic or regional hypoxi

Fire Detox & Respiratory Recovery Protocol

This protocol was developed by Polla Pratt. This protocol increases respiratory oxygen uptake and increases systemic oxygen saturation, while compensating for and replenishing the reduced oxygen levels experienced during respiratory injury and illness—due to acute and extended exposures to toxic fire smoke.

Body-wide oxygen deficiencies reduce our energy production and immunity and make it difficult for
the body to overcome respiratory injuries and infections, and further compromise our general health.
Inhaled toxic fire smoke, influenza, and chronic respiratory conditions like COPD cause our lung lining
to create mucus to protect itself-- which inhibits oxygen transfer, creates loss of lung cells, and
further reduces oxygen transfer in our lungs, vital organs, and tissues throughout our whole body.

By optimizing tissue oxygen levels and by creating lung pressure swings that increase oxygen
transfer, we are able to mitigate the effects of and begin to self-heal from: reduced energy
production and immunity, protectionary mucus production, and loss of lung cells due to fire smoke
and toxic exposures.

The Northern California Fires have exposed all of us in this region to highly toxic air born fire smoke
debris. The inhaled toxic fire smoke has led to an increase in acute and chronic respiratory injuries
and infections. 

No one yet knows the long term effects of our extended exposure to breathing in all the tiny toxic
nano particulates from fires that burned so unnaturally hot that they incinerated metals, rubbers and
other synthetic building materials that do not burn in lower temperature natural wild fires.

When victims of the Northern California Fires used the Liveo2 AC™ system after serious exposures to
toxic air born fire smoke debris, they commonly reported (this list does not include the wide variety
of subconscious autonomic nervous system and physiological benefits):

  • Immediately less mucous in their sinuses

  • Easier to breath

  • More energy

  • Less irritation and pain in their respiratory systems

  • Coughing up black mucous (for several days after)

  • Dark stool (for several days after)

  • Increased mental clarity

  • More calm and less anxious

  • Better sleep

Brain O Protocol

This protocol was developed by, Mark Squibb, the inventor of the Liveo2 AC™ system and his team.
The Brain o2™ Protocol has been proven to improve overall brain function by 12% in both people
with and without brain damage. This protocol targets and floods your brains (both cerebral and
enteric—that is the one in your head, and, the one in your gut) with alternating high and low levels of

By simultaneously facilitating maximum blood flow & maximum oxygen rich blood concentration to
your brains, your body is enabled to optimize brain function.

The Brain o2 protocol is suggested whenever there is need or desire for maximizing neurological and
or cognitive performance, and is indicated for:

  • People with brain injuries

  • Children with Autism and Aspergers

  • Business people--especially before important negotiations & strategic meetings or presentations

  • For older and younger people alike who simply desire increased overall brain functioning

What most users consciously notice (this list does not include a wide variety of subconscious
autonomic nervous system and physiological benefits):

  • Immediate and substantial increase in physical and mental performance

  • Measurable improvement in cognitive function

  • Measurable improvement in executive function

  • Measurable mood and motor control (less reactionary, more responsive)

  • Better digestion and great poops!

  • Significant improvement of all body systems including immune system

Dance Fitness Therapy Protocol

This extremely fun and exciting protocol was developed by, Polla Pratt. By combining increased heart rate and high and low levels of oxygen with spontaneous, non-linear, free-flowing movements, we are able to create new neural pathways. Engaging this protocol creates immediate and substantial new possibilities. New movement in our body = new movement in our thinking, being and relating. We are one biologically connected and integrated whole.

This protocol is perfect for anyone who loves to listen to groovy music and dance, and offers a movement repertoire and results not possible using a treadmill or recumbent bike—which all the other protocols use.

If you are a professional dancer, athlete, movement lover or someone with special needs this protocol allows you to not only reap all the benefits of the Liveo2 AC™ system, but it allows you to rapidly grow new neural networks, radically reframe and change your intrinsic whole systems functioning, and to do it in an extremely fun, innovative and specialized way.

As a Somatic Trauma Specialist and Dance Movement Therapist, Polla works directly with you to custom target specific muscles, organs, bones and physiological systems in your body—making it a great application for addressing specialized desires, needs, goals and results. What most users consciously notice is:

  • A feeling of euphoria and “Supernatural High”

  • Immediate increase in coordination and flexibility

  • Immediate sense of mental clarity

  • Whole body buzzing with energy

  • Increased immune system functioning

  • Increased metabolism and appetite

  • Increased excitement and passion for life

Preparing for your LiveO2 AC™ Session

  • Arrive well hydrated (drink lots of water several days before)

  • Bring water with electrolytes to consume after your session

  • Dress in layers

  • Bring extra clothes to change into after your session—especially if you sweat a lot

Most importantly Love yourself up!

Session Pricing

  • $100 per workout (includes Somatic Integration)

  • $90 per workout for 5 or more

  • $80 per workout for 10+

      + $85 mask fee

     *All packages are paid in full upfront & used within 2 months

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Meet Me

Hello! I am Polla Pratt. I am an Ozone, Oxygen and Somatic Therapist. My passion is stimulating, balancing and nourishing our innate self-healing capacities using 100% natural therapies. I have been in private practice for over 20 years in Northern California.

Professional & Academic Credentials

Member of American Academy of Ozone Therapy (2020)

Ozone Therapy Certified; by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Ozone Therapy Inc. (2020)

Liveo2® Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training Therapy Certified; Whole Health Network (2015)

Somatic Movement Therapist; International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Assoc.(2004)


Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Resolution Practitioner; Foundation for Human Enrichment (1999)


Attachment Mastery Certified; Diane Poole Heller (2015)


Neuro Affective Relational Model Training; Larry Heller (2016)


Over 900 hours of Continuum® Movement Training with Emilie Conrad & Susan Harper (1996)


Permaculture Design Consultant Certified, Permaculture Institute of Northern California (2002)


Graduate of the Environmental Forum of Marin Master Class (2008)


Bachelors Degree in Business, Minor in Economics; Washington State University (1988)


Masters Degree in Whole Systems Design; Antioch University (1999)