Ozone & Oxygen Therapy Equipment Sales

Buying a Home Ozone Therapy System and or a Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training System is one of the best investments you can make towards your health freedom!

Once you figure out the best equipment for your needs and how to use it, there are many benefits of having your own home system(s).

If you can afford it, I highly recommend that you invest in both a home ozone therapy system and a Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy system. Using the combination of these two systems creates the conditions for unprecedented healing and spontaneous remissions to occur!

Equipment Consultation

In order to know what equipment you need to buy, you need to know or at least have some idea of what conditions you will be treating and what accessories you will need.

Before you buy your equipment, I highly recommend that you schedule an Equipment Consultation with me so that I can help you figure out exactly what you need, design a custom system for you (and your family), and help you source the highest quality, lowest cost equipment and accessories.

*If you are local, I can set up all your equipment, deliver it to your home and train you how to use it.

*If you are not local, I can coach you on Zoom how to safely connect and set up all your equipment, and train you how to use it.

30 Minute Consultation - $75 

Ozone Therapy Equipment

There are a lot of ozone therapy generators on the market and many of them are cheaply made and unsafe. For sure, it is a big mistake to buy a cheap ozone generator. Don't do it. I have heard a lot of unfortunate stories.


There are two reputable companies that manufacture reliable, top of the line ozone generators and accessories that I recommend: Promolife and Longevity.

I do not recommend Longevity generators for home use as they are very costly and noisy! and are made and sold out of Canada which requires international shipping which equates to slow, expensive delivery. Shall you ever need any servicing of your equipment, its very expensive and time consuming to have to send in your equipment.

However, Promolife makes equally good ozone generators that are made here in the United States, and their generators are totally safe, silent!, consistently accurate and a lot more affordable.


I have been using Promolife generators and accessories for over 7 years and they have earned my highest recommendation. Promolife has a great selection of generators and accessories to chose from.

I encourage you to do an Ozone Coaching and Equipment Selection Session with me before you buy your equipment so that I can help you figure out your ozone therapy needs and exactly which equipment and accessories are best and most cost effective for you.

There are a few accessories that I source elsewhere that are equally as good as Promolife yet a whole lot less expensive.


*I can definitely help you save you a lot of money by helping you to figure out what your ozone therapy needs are and which equipment and accessories to buy.

And, when you buy your equipment and accessories from my affiliate link below, I pass the discount on to YOU!

Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training

The Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training System is a total game changer to anyone's health whether you are young or old, or super healthy or super sick.

I have been using this original Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training system both personally for 7 years and professionally for 5 years, and am blown away by the results I have achieved for myself and for my clients!

If you are interested in doing a demonstration session, give me a call to schedule. And if you are interested in buying a Live02 AC System I can talk with you about it, and if you decide to buy a system, I can save you money!